How to get Started with Next.js?

Posted by Ashutosh on April 02, 2021

In our previous articles, we discuss What is Next.js? What are the benefits of Next.js over React?

Now, we start with creating our first Next.js project. 


  • You must have Node.js installed on your system. You'll need Node.js version 10.13 or later.
  • IDE of your choice

Create Next.js App

Go to the terminal and write the following command.

npx create-next-app my-app

The previous command generates the my-app folder and installs the minimum core packages to start our Next.js app.

cd my-app
yarn dev

It will start the app on default http://localhost:3000 port.  You will see something similar to the below screenshot(Might vary in upcoming Next versions).

If you also see the above page. Then we are good to go with our awesome Next.js App.